Dog behaviour and training in Cambridgeshire


Dog behaviour and training in Cambridgeshire


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I am fascinated by the relationship between man and dog and the way we have evolved to live together for mutual benefit. I passionately support everything that's good about this relationship and believe that good training is the best way to build and enhance the bond between you and your dog. I oppose anything that jeapordises this bond and the welfare of our canine companions; whether this be through poor breeding practices, training or failing to provide the life and environment that we owe our best friend.

In order to have dogs accepted into today's society, we need train them so that they don't impose on other people or the environment we share. Teaching dogs to understand and respond to our requests and cooperate with us makes living with them more of a pleasure for us. There are also many exciting sports and hobbies you can undertake in partnership with your dog, such as agility and scentwork. You can even train your dog to help you (fetching your slippers!) or help others (search and rescue).

Training is not an optional extra. We do it every time we interact with our dogs. But it shouldn't be a one-way street, rather establishing appropriate ways to communicate in both directions. We show the dog how we would like him to behave, and in return we learn how to read our dogs communication to ensure we can give him what he needs.  My goal in training a dog is to facilitate a mutual relationship of trust, respect and pleasure in each others company - what I wish for all dogs and their owners!

"In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn't merely try to train him to be semihuman.

The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming partly a dog." - Edward Hoagland